Specific Skin Issues

Acne Clear & Clean Wash Top-ten product

For those with skin that is dry, oily or a combination. Intended for gently tackling acne and rosacea.

Antibacterial / Antiseptic. (Formerly called Acne Cleansing Oil) For those with skin that is dry, oily or combination. Proper daily skin cleaning is essential for removing excess sebum, oils, makeup, dead cells and dirt particles, which cause and/or exacerbate skin problems like acne. This product will tackle difficult facial skin issues, including psoriasis, acne and rosacea. After shaking the bottle thoroughly, when rubbed between your hands or on your washcloth, it will turn to a creamy lather. Can be rinsed off just as you would any cleanser, or it can be left on to fight pimples overnight. This is an effective, gentle alternative to drying alcohol, peroxide and chemical acne products prevalent on the market today that can cause acne rebound. Non-greasy / non-drying. Original recipe inspired by a group of herbalists and dermatologists. Contains castile soap, sunflower seed oil, aloe, and essential oils of Tea tree, Lavender, and Lemon. Why it works. The essential oils used are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory. The soap and aloe gentle and healing.

8 1/2ounces
Item ACO $18
Big Jim's Cream
This herbal mix does everything your cortisone cream does and more and without the risks!

A recipe I developed first for my son's skin problem from an old English recipe for a cream using the comfrey plant.

This cream stops pain and itch and quickly improves the appearance of psoriasis, eczema, irritating rashes, cracking feet, cold sores and even has been shown to help relieve pain, itch and soreness of shingles and hemorrhoids. Also great for insect bites, bee and wasp stings (and resulting ache) and itchy rashes like poison ivy, as well as for healing minor cuts and bruises.

Big Jim's has been used to prevent jock itch and soothe sore bottoms in older children and adults (slight temporary "warm" feeling may make younger children uncomfortable).

Also good for chaffed skin and sore nose areas (even inside) due to constant blowing. Use inside nose to help improve stuffiness. Contains comfrey, Oregon Grape and calendula, oils of rose hip seed, wheat germ, evening primrose with tea tree, aloe, carrot seed and other plant oils known to sooth and heal skin.

BJ - 2 ounces or quarter pound

Comfort Cream

Anti-itch, "extreme" moisturizing cream with antioxidant vitamins as raditationwell as calendula, lavender oil, ylang ylang, cocoa butter and shea butter a combination that truly makes your whole body feel more comfortable! A small amount is all that's needed. Helps heal dry, damaged skin, lessens scars and stops itching. Good for diaper rash, too. Customers tell me it hastens skin healing and is comforting after radiation treatments.

(Anti-Wrinkle) Eye Cream Top-Ten Product

An herbal recipe gleaned from a book written by dermatologists and herbalists, this “anti-aging cream” will moisturize, nourish and provide antioxidant, anti-wrinkle properties to the fragile eye area. Real rose oil has a host of beneficial effects on the skin, promoting a youthful complexion with good tone and elasticity. Why it works: Contains Jojoba oil to easily penetrate and protect the three skin layers, Apricot kernel oil to nourish sensitive, delicate skin, and natural, unbleached Beeswax which protects by sealing in beneficial moisture. No wrinkle-rebound effect often caused by some over-the-counter wrinkle reducers — only healthy, gentle skin care. Contains Jojoba and Apricot kernel oils, Wheat germ oil, Carrot seed, and Rose absolute.

Item EWC 1 ounce and 2 ounces available
Skin Comfort Therapy Bar #1

THERAPY BAR/TOP 2 PRODUCT with fresh-from-the-pot aloe (from our own house-grown aloe), which is added at the last possible moment to ensure the freshest aloe you will find in any product. This therapy bar stops dry itchy skin better than any other. It is great for all skin conditions, gently cleaning, moisturizing and healing as you wash. The dark color is due to the addition of powdered Comfrey root which makes skin silky soft and free of cracks and itchy areas. Helps heal minor bruises and cuts. Does not sting, dry or irritate. Superb for psoriasis, eczema, acne, itchy rashes, and dry, flaking skin for the whole family. For acne and poison ivy, can be lathered onto large areas and left to soak in and do its healing magic overnight. Contains saponified Coconut and Olive oils, Comfrey, Lavender and Rosemary. Why it helps: Comfrey contains allantoin, which has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, emollient, astringent and wound-healing.

Item CTAS $7.00
(Anti-Wrinkle) Facial Oil Top-5 Product

Skin replenishing, this fine plant combination works against the formation of lines and wrinkles. A great choice for men and women of any age, as it feeds and protects skin and is excellent therapy for those whose lifestyle keeps them outdoors frequently or who have dry or combination skin. This wonderful healing all-plant product is a non-greasy moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and completely, so those who wear makeup can continue to do so without experiencing any streaking. We call this product “anti-wrinkle” because its antioxidant properties (including natural Vitamin C) prevent new lines from occurring and fight against sun damage. The combination of these regenerative, restorative and antibacterial essential oils gives skin a moist, dewy younger look immediately. Just one drop of this oil is all that’s needed to completely cover your face. The main ingredient, Apricot kernel oil, is highly recommended for sensitive, weathered, flushed, inflamed and/or prematurely aged skin. Helps protect against sun damage and collagen breakdown. Don’t keep repeating the cycle of applying moisturizers that contain alcohol and chemicals which undo any good the other ingredients might do for you or worse cause rebound wrinkles, reddening and even burning. Feed your skin with the same vitamins that are recommended as a part of your healthy diet. Contains Apricot kernel oil, Rosehip seed oil, and essential oils of Lavender, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Carrot seed, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Wheat germ oil.

Item AWO 2 ounces and 4 ounces available

Skin Revival Oil

This amazing and gentle skin tonic contains 17 specially chosen non-greasy, readily absorbable plant, herb infusions and herbal oils that are antioxidant, antibacterial, cell rejuvenating, moisturizing and humectant. Besides being just plain delightful to massage in after shower or bath, Skin Revival Oil helps restore skin after it has been damaged and if used after bathing, helps alleviate dry skin and winter itch. Each oil is listed on the label along with the reason it has been included. Use it to help skin retain its youthful vigor and glow, even good to use simply to help skin recover after shaving. Subtle fragrance is appropriate for men and women. Can be useful for intertrigo and/or rashes that develop in the folds of the skin, under the breasts or underarms. Contains oils or infusions of Olive, Apricot kernel, Rosehip seed, Wheat germ, Grape seed, Evening primrose, Avocado, Jojoba, Tea tree, Calendula, St. John’s wort, Rose de bois, Pettigrain, Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang-ylang and Rose absolute.

SRO4 $30
Ultimate Antioxidant Therapy Bar

Men and women concerned about what environmental toxins are doing to their skin will appreciate this deep cleansing, moisturizing therapy bar, with humectant oils! With Green tea, Soy, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba, Evening primrose, Rosehip seed, Rosewood, Basil and Ylang-ylang oils, as well as honey and home grown Aloe, there is no facial bar like it. Lightly scented with essential oils that calm, harmonize and relax

Item UAS $8.00
White Lavender Bar

This creamy white soap is truly a breath of fresh air. Lavender has long been used to soothe acne and other skin conditions, but when you use this natural lavender bar filled with antioxidant olive and coconut oils and enriched with rich, food grade, natural cocoa butter, healing will be far from your mind. Relaxing and stress reducing.

Item WLS $7.00
Wild Honey Bar

Honey is beginning to get the recognition it deserves in skin care. It has great healing and antibacterial qualities which makes it not only good for everyone’s skin, but especially for those with troubled skin (acne, rashes, etc.). Coupled with patchouli which is aromatic, antibacterial as well as a mild astringent, this soap works really well.

Item WHS $7.00
Zit Zap

For "good riddance" quickly to those large, sometimes painful pimples or boils that pop up at the worst time, this is strong medicine and needs to be used wisely. Complete instructions and warnings included.

ZZ $10.00