Dog Products

Known as “Bulldog” not because they are for bulldogs only, but because of their tenacity at healing and solving problems dogs experience. These gentle plant products are easy to use and effective. But most of the soaps, balms, creams and oils in this catalog can be used on your dog, just as you could use the following Bulldog products on yourself. So you and your pet actually can share your bathroom cabinet if you wish!

"Bulldog" Therapy Shampoo

Because dogs live in our houses and even in our beds, we wash them far more than is good for them. That is what causes or exacerbates their dry, irritated skin. One way to help relieve that is using this specially created shampoo made with herbs to comfort and heal skin: Comfrey, Calendula and Oregon grape root, as well as Neem and Karanja oils. It is gentle and because of the Comfrey, helps skin heal and stops itching. Also contains Lemon eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedar, Rosemary and Castile soap. Concentrated; can be diluted.
BTSH4 - 4 ounces $12.00 / BTSHS8 - 9 ounces

“Bulldog” Therapy Bar

A gentle combination of plants to help keep dog skin clean and pest free. This handy to use, large soap bar can be easily sliced into smaller pieces for each bath, which helps extend the life of the bar. Helps with cuts and sore spots as well. Contains saponified oils of Olive and Coconut along with Pennyroyal, Lemon eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedar, Camphor, Tea tree, Rosemary, Neem, and Karanja oils.

Item BTB $7.00
“Bulldog” Doggie Paws Skin

Soothe noses, paw pads and other places that are dry, cracked, sore or itchy with Doggie Paws Balm. Contains Comfrey root and leaf, Grape seed oil, Yarrow oil and Beeswax. Safe for licking.

DP Balm $10.00.