Insect Problems

There are many essential oils that bugs and insects just don’t like. I make products with these oils that will help protect you from their annoyance, and some of them can help keep your plants pest free too (see product labels).

Insect-B-Gone Oil

This insect repellant works well at keeping insects at bay when dabbed on to ears, neck or “pulse points” or even put on a cotton ball and worn on the hat. Flying insects only need to smell it to be repelled. For tick protection, dab directly on skin, especially ankles. Can be used on dogs; dab a little on the tips of their ears and the fur on their backs. Diluted can be used to spray plants to deter bugs (recipe included). I use it regularly when I take the dogs to the pond. Studies indicate that Lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass oil work as well as DEET at repelling insects for short periods of time.
IBGO $10.00 - 2 ounces

Insect-B-Gone Salve

This gentle salve made from the same essential oils as the Insect-B-Gone Oil can be safely rubbed all over exposed skin (away from eyes).

 IBGB $10.00

Insect-B-Gone Bar  

Added help in keeping bugs at bay. Essential for those spending time outdoors especially in the woods or near water. Creamy and gentle for even troubled skin. For quick insect protection, rub briskly between the palms and wipe lather in the hair and on exposed skin for a quick bug repellent. Won’t dry skin or hair. Washing with this soap before spending the day outdoors and then adding the salve or oil helps insure protection for all areas of the body.

IBGS $7.00
Virginia Mountain Mint

There’s nothing like the fresh scent of the Virginia mountains in spring when the Mountain mint first (Pycnanthemum) springs up from the damp, musty ground. This very minty soap is healing to the senses and the skin. This bar is especially appreciated by those who like its extra “WOW” awakening power in the morning! Contains Coconut and Olive oil with a variety of natural mint oils.

Item VMM $7.00