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Welcome to Nature's Common Scents

Where our products are just plants!

Sondra JohnsonMy company is called Nature's Common Scents because I use plants that are common that have scents you will recognize. To me, that just makes sense! The human body is designed to heal itself. Observe a ample cut on your finger. Whether you treat it or not, it is probably going to heal. However, how you care for that cut can help avoid infections and encourage tie healing that would take place anyway.

How you care for yourself inside and out often determines your overal health. If you have skin issues (other than temporary ones like poison ivy or other rash you develop because of something with which you have come into contact) it is important to realize that many such problems are the result of something going on inside the body. This means the condition cannot be healed topically. But that doesn't mean that the resulting rashes, scabs, sores, plaques, etc. can't be made to look and feel better and in some cases completely clear up with topical treatments. Medical doctors generally prescribe some form of a corticosteroid to do just that.

I believe the best, safest and most natural way to encourage healing of our outsides (and our insides) is to use plants. We have a lot in common with plants and are totally dependent upon them to sustain our lives. They exhale oxygen, we inhale oxygen. They basically inhale atmospheric pollutants and that translates into cleaner air. And of course in their natural state, v egetables and herbs (plants) are good for us Some even promote or sustain healing.

When I began making skin care products more than ten years ago it was based on a lifetime of studying plants and how they have been used throughout the history of man to heal our bodies. Though the products I make are for topical application, what I enjoy doing most of all is helping people discover for themselves ways they themselves can use plants for healing.

Long before it was a popular notion to eat local, I've believed that where God put people, He put the plants that they need, both for food and for healing. That doesn't mean that we don't reach beyond our borders for some quite delicious eating! Likewise we find many wonderful healing plants in other parts of the world. Still, I usually focus on what grows right here in the USA, and in fact, most of the herbs I use are what I grow, or have grown, in my own garden.

There are no mysterious ingredients in my products. My product labels make quite clear what plants are in them. And for those who do have questions, I'm always available to discuss details of how the products are made. Sometimes I can make a product that a customer wants without an ingredient that they absolutely cannot tolerate (wheat germ oil for example), though those who are truly allergic to nuts should probably not use even those that don't contain nut oils.

Whether or not you have a particular skin problem, I want to encourage you to learn more about any skin care products you are using now. Also I encourage you to question not just what you put on your body, but everything you put into your body. Start healing from within!

If I can help, don't hesitate to e-mail me.


Sondra Johnson

Note: Some products may also contain honey, beeswax or small amounts of the mineral sodium borate. Therapy bars are saponified with sodium hydroxide, which, as a re-agent, is no longer present in the product once saponification is complete.

Further note: Despite the fact that using plants for medicine has been documented as successful treatments for illnesses for thousands of years (Chinese Traditional Medicine, Aurvedic Medicine, Native American medicine, and medicine in this country up to and through the War Between the States), science today is wary of it. My products have not been tested in any way other than ten years of customer and family use. The plants, however, for the most part, have documented healing properties that are well researched. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about plants and their ability to heal.