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Product Testimonials

It is a blessing to receive notes like those below from customers. Often when people order by telephone, they give me such wonderful reports it nearly brings me to tears.At the suggestion of my husband. I have kept some of those "testimonials" that are emailed to me. Sondra B Johnson.

P.S. I never ask for a testimonial.

RE: BIG JIM'S INTENSIVE CARE CREAM (my #1 selling product); SKIN COMFORT BAR (my #1 selling therapy [soap] bar) THE COMFORT CREAM (close to selling quantities of Big Jim's).

I just had to tell you what a diference [Big Jim's Therapy Cream] has made for me. I live in Roanoke and my sister Sue lives there in Front Roval. She gave me a partial jar of the cream. I used it for a while and liked it, but didn't put a whole lot into it, since I have tried so many things over the years. I have used $1,000 medicines to get rid of psoriasis, but nothing has ever worked for long or I didn't like the fact that they cause thin skin. However about the time I got to the bottom of the jar, I started to take this cream seriously. Then I ran out! By the time I got the cream again, my elbows were raw and I was in such pain! One application that night and my elbows were relieved of the pain! Thank you so much! Barbara.

Hi, Sondra. I wanted to tell you of three people who have tried Big Jim's Cream. One was a lady with bad dry hands and was until Tuesday using a "special prescription" cream from her doctor. Yours works! Second was a customer in my shop who has really bad red blotchy patches on his face. I told his wife to take the Big Jim's cream home and have him try it. She came back in today to buy more, saying within two days there was a remarkable improvement Third was a woman who also has dry hands that were cracked and bleeding. She tried the sample and [to see how it felt] shopped around, had lunch and then came back to buy two jars of the cream and a soap! Mary

I have the worrst problem with dry skin around my cuticles — dry and bleeding. Big Jim's is the only thing I hay eever tried that both moisturizes and heals the broken skin. I tried it at a craft fair back in December but stupidly did not buy it then because I didn't like the smell. I spent all winter trying to find something that would work, but nothing did. I finally ordered it from you and got it today and I am so happy! Maggie.

I traded my $18 Mary Kay Bar for the sample of a [Skin Comfort] soap you gave me and have had fewer breakouts on my face. Also I love the comfrey QuickFix! Jennifer

While attending the Maple Festival this spring , we visited your booth and purchased a bar of the comfrey soap. It seems to help what we believe is psoriasis. Odessa

Just a little note to tell you of my success with your great products! The comfrey soap and cream have done a good job helping with my two year old's all-over dry skin and eczema. Jennifer

I recently bought a bar of your Comfrey Therapy Soap for my daughter, and it works wonders! Heather.

I am writing to extend my eternal gratitude for what your products have done for my six-year-old daughter. She has suffered allergy induced eczema all her life. We have tried every prescription and over-the-counter creams and treatments and none have been successful. I purchased Big Jim's Therapy Cream at a craft fair in Falls Church last weekend and you so graciously gave me a Comfrey Therapy Bar if I agreed to discontinue my daughter's bleach baths for a week and try your product for one week. It's down to around 3 percent. The few scabs she has left are well on their way to healing. My little girl is well on her way to entering a crucial time in her life where appearances are important. I am beyond words since using your products on her, and am completely confident that she will have no worries among her peers this year. You saved my little girl's skin and future self-esteem. Sincerely, Amy Pike. [Note: this little girl is now 11. She and her mother came to see me spring 2010 and her skin remains clear, though she still washes with the Skin Comfort soap.]

My husband has allergies and breaks out in red blotches on his skin. He has been to doctors, but nothing seems to help. Your [Comfrey Therapy] soap and [Big Jim's] cream seemed to make the blotches fade and not itch as much. Thank you so much for your attention to this I know I have asked for a lot of special attention, but I have not found anything that works for him as well as the soaps and creams purchased from you. Linda.

I first used the [Comfrey Therapy] cream on my newest baby. She and her two-year-old brother would get horrible diaper rashes. I did use another cream that has to be prescribed by the doctor, and for the most part that worked. However, when it didn't work, I wasn't sure what to do. After I used your cream, the diaper rash had already begun to heal bythe next diaper change and by the night the rash was completely gone! Babies' bottoms are very sensitive, especially when these rashes come on. They would be so bad sometimes they would bleed. You cream didn't irritate or burn them at all and it cleared up the problem so fast!

I tried the [Big Jim's] cream on my nephew who has a nickel allergy. Even though he scratches it so much it is open, the cream did not burn or sting* and was very soothing. He didn't need to scratch and the healing took place quickly. Of course it can't cure the allergy, but using the cream keeps it at bay. It also works really well on the dry patches on my ankles and elbows Katherine. *NOTE FROM SONDRA JOHNSON REGARDING THE BIG JIM'S CREAM: Because of the mints in the recipe , IT CAN CAUSE A TEMPORARY "WARM" OR "COOL" FEELING THAT SOME CHILDREN MAY INTERPRET AS A STINGING SENSATION.

The heels of my feet were dry and cracked and my left heal was numb. My daughter Kate saw that my feet were hurting. She said, "Dad you need some of Grandma Sondra's medicine." I said OK because I was willing to try anything at that moment. I never thought anything could heal what I was beginning to believe was becoming a serious medical concern. So Kate began to rub this cream [Big Jim's Cream] on my feet. It was a weird feeling at first because it almost felt like it was going to burn or sting. Then it started a cool type feeling that I really felt sink into my feet It took the pain out fast This was put on right before I went bed and by morning the numbness had completely gone. I could feel the cracking of the skin had begun smoothing out and there wasn't any flaking of the skin (which was amazing in itself). Tony

I must start out saying that your products work. I bought Comfrey Therapy soap and Comfrey Therapy Cream at the Highland County Maple Festival on Saturday. That night I took my shower with your soap and it was the FIRST time in four years that after my show I did not itch. Not at all! I followed your husband's directions and put a small amount of the cream where my rash was (legs, body, arm). That was the first night I didn't wake up itching or bothering my husband to scratch my back. Since using it, I have been itch free! I feel like a new person. Even the cream the doctor gave me didn't work completely, plus I didn't like the possible side effects! I will be ordering your products forever! Susan.

I met you at the Highland County Maple Festivalthis past spring. I have been using your comfrey soap since that time and love it! Vicki

Dear Sondra, During the Maple Festival in Monterey, my daughter purchased your Comfrey Cream to use for our grandson's eczema. She also wanted her Dad to try it on the burns and rash he developed as a result of radiation therapy. We tried it that night and it seemed to help, so I came by on Sunday to purchase a jar for his use. You were out, except for a jar you had that you said didn't look right and you gave me that jar without charge. We put the cream on his burned and cracked skin twice a day and saw improvement in just 2 days By the end of a week, his skin had really healed and the rash was almost gone. Thank you,thank you ,thank you. We told the nurses at the Augusta Medical Center where my husband had radiation about this cream. We also passed on information about your website and you've undergone radiation therapy and has developed burns and rash as a result. This product really works. You can be assured I will be ordering more when this jar gets low. Please feel free to use us as a testimony to the effectiveness of your product. Thank you, David & Linda Johnston

My skin carcer is still giving me a lot of concern and discomfort; however, my friend Roberta has given me your "comfrey" skin cream [Comfort Cream] that I can apply at night which brings me relief.

My daughter, 8-year-old (laughter tells everyone on the swim team about your "boo boo cream" [Comfort Cream]. All the other swimmers get dry skin from the excessive exposure to the chlorine, but not Keira! She uses your soap and comfort cream daily.

My friend Kathy introduced me to Big Jim's Cream, which has been the first non-prescription product to help my hand eczema in over 10 years! Thanksto you, I have yet to use any medicine on my hands this year! I've shared your products with my friend Jackie Smith, whom I work with in Philadelphia, and now she places the orders for both of us. To be perfectly frank, I have never had any confidence in herbal products until I tried yours. Big Jim's has really changed my mind! Thanks a million! Nancy.

Your products are fabulous! I have had psoriasis for 7 years and have been to doctor after doctor and had creams and oils and treatments even did injections, and nothing helped. I have been miserable for years with pain and bleeding on my skin. Big Jim's therapy cream has helped me so much and I can't thank you enough! It is much less rough and lighter in color and it doesn't itch or bother me as much as it used to. I haven't been using it very long and I can't wait to see how much better it gets with time! I can't thank you enough! Meredith.

I just wanted to say hello. I was the vendor next to you at the Falls Church Memorial Day Festival 2010. I talked to you about repellents for bees and ended up buying Big Jim's Cream for bug bites. I love it! I use it everyday. Carolyn.

You gave my husband some of the Big Jim's Cream for his leg. I would like to thank you for that. I have bought him all kinds of lotions and creams but they never work or he stops putting them on because he does not see a difference soon enough. He has been to the doctor and they did not diagnose him with eczema or psoriasis. They were not sure what caused the itching or dry skin. They gave him something to put on his leg but even the prescription strength cream did not work as well as the Big Jim's. He has been putting the cream on as soon as he gets out of the shower and before he goes to bed. The itching has stopped and his leg is starting to heal. He has no more dry skin or scabs on his leg. The Big Jim's cream has been a life-saver for him. Thank you again for everything. I never thought we would find something that helped him. Your product is wonderful! Elizabeth.

I just have to tel you about this. For months now I have had worsening arthritis pain in my thumb and forefinger on my right hand. I guess it's because I have to write so much, but for the past several weeks, when I rub on my Big Jim's cream on my feet, I've been using my thumb more to do the rubbing rather than my fingertips. Lo and behold, this morning I realized that my thumb no longer "pops" when I use it, but actually flexes as it's supposed to and I don't have to cringe when doing simple tasks. I think you have a gold-mine in this product! Keep up the good work! (I should have gotten a bigger jar!) Vyta.

Sondra! Tell your customers Big Jim's works great for shingles pain, itch and healing. If they don't believe you, give them my phone number! Dale Ellis, West Palm Beach, Florida.

I got my order and thanks very much. Noah was just about out of the Big Jim's cream for sure! He still has some psoriasis on his hands that flares up from time to time and the cream takes care of it ... seems like it is worse in the winter time, so he will be needing the cream. I'll tell you what, that stuff works miracles for him! A friend of mine ordered some Big Jim's last fall as she has some type of terrible itching on her arms for no known reason and she said the cream saved her vacation in Key West last year. She got the "itch" and used the cream on it and the itch went away. She had been to several doctors and they gave her medicines for it but none helped. Charlotte Hutchison.


First I have to tell you how thrilled Bill is with the Pain Away. He has severe arthritis in both of his knees. He put on the Pain Away and in minutes the pain subsided. He is so excited about this product. I bought the Big Jim's Cream for him — he asked me to get it because he has such bad itching in the winter —and it worked so well for him last year. We love your products! Bonnie.

Hi Sondra, I love my soap and lotion. After two days I see an improvement in my fungus! My mom also loves hers! She usually doesn't say much about creams that I buy her, but she raved about yours! Thank you so much. Terry.

LOVED your booth at the VA Herb Fest, and love all the products I got, ESPECIALLY the Pain Away Salve. Wonderful!!! Your newsletter is great, also. Laura.

We were infested with bedbugs and they have been eating me alive. Nothing has really helped the itch until I started using Quick Fix. Combining your herbal products with Benadryl (to keep down my allergic reaction to all bug bites), I'm finally getting some relief! Candice.

My cuts are almost completely healed. I had half a bar of the Tea Tree soap in the medicine cabinet and I lathered it up really good Saturday night and let the soap sit on my face for a few minutes before I rinsed it off. I then put the Calendula Salve on. I think it's worked a miracle!! have repeated that process three times now and the scabs are just falling off and I just have a few minor scrapes. It looks like I fell over a week ago, not just three days ago! Thanks, Trish.

A while ago I had the every pleasant experience of meeting you at some show. I picked up a bottle of your Pain Away which works really well. Thanks, Kate

Am trying to change all our skin products from toxics to all naturals. I think you have the best products to do that. I may have to call you again at your shop if I dont make the craft shows. Thanks again.....Nancy

Your products continue to work wonders. I have been giving your soap and a soap dish as gifts when we have dinner at people's houses Many of my girl friends have been complimenting what a difference your anti-wrinkle oil and eye cream have made on my dry skin. The air, sun, and attitude in Colorado = hard on skin...not to mention my skin is dry to begin with. Kelly

I had met you at your sale [Fall 2009] at Falls Church High School in VA, and tried your products as my friend in Falls Church (Kay Hixson) recommended them. I really like the products, and have recommended them to several more people, including some of my milk customers. Ginny.

I've been using "Skin Replenishing " Anti-wrinkle Oil and have had lots of compliments on my skin in the past months since meeting you at the Maple Festival. Tell your husband I am getting younger by the day ... I was kidding with him. Linked you to my Facebook page. Mary.

My 22 year-old-daughter is having wonderful results with your anti-fungal formuIa. This is the first time she has used your products and loves it. She is also using the eczema soap [Skin Comfort Bar] Ruth.

Sondra, I only discovered your products yesterday and already I feel a need to contact you! Through a change in medication, my hormones have gone haywire. I have always had clear skin, but in the last few months it has been covered in painful, persistent acne. I have prescription skin care, but it irritates my sensitive skin and I think it makes it worse. I have been SO frustrated, and then I met you and your dear, sweet husband yesterday at the Bluemont Fair. I went home with the Acne Cleansing Wash expecting to try it for a couple of weeks before I'd know if it works. I used it last night and again this morning, and I already look better! The acne pain is also completely gone! I feel like someone has put a fire out. I can't tell you how eternally grateful I am to you for this. I have enormous respect for all of the work you must put into this, and I am touched by your faith that God has provided what we need to heal. Again,thank you so much. God bless, Sarah.