Therapy Bars

Evocations Therapy Bar

This is a truly good — for the — skin cleansing bar with rich, creamy lather and evocative, romantic fragrance. My husband is a big fan, saying it cleans well but does not dry him out or take away natural body oils. Evocations is therapeutic too, with herbal oils known to help keep skin clear of acne and heal blemishes. It is a teen favorite.

Item EVS $7.00

Medicine for your Skin Every Ingredient Chosen with Healing in Mind



Wintergreen Soap
Aromatic, antimicrobial, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory
Soothing to dry skin, this therapy bar is as refreshing as it is stimulating. It helps relieve many difficult skin issues, including rashes, and can be analgesic.

Pure essential oils guarantee good results if you are looking for a pleasant “liniment” combination of herbs to soothe nerves, skin and senses as well as to warm and invigorate.

WTB $7.00
Lemon Verbena Therapy Bar
A rich, uniquely scented, lemony soap made with the leaves of my own lemon verbena plants. Delightful to the senses as well as the skin, lemon effectively removes kitchen and other odors but more importantly it reduces inflammation and can soothe nerves! Contains saponified Olive and Coconut oil, and a proprietary combination of essential oils.

Item LVBS $7.00
Skin Comfort Therapy Bar #1

THERAPY BAR/TOP 2 PRODUCT with fresh-from-the-pot aloe (from our own house-grown aloe), which is added at the last possible moment to ensure the freshest aloe you will find in any product. This therapy bar stops dry itchy skin better than any other. It is great for all skin conditions, gently cleaning, moisturizing and healing as you wash. The dark color is due to the addition of powdered Comfrey root which makes skin silky soft and free of cracks and itchy areas. Helps heal minor bruises and cuts. Does not sting, dry or irritate. Superb for psoriasis, eczema, acne, itchy rashes, and dry, flaking skin for the whole family. For acne and poison ivy, can be lathered onto large areas and left to soak in and do its healing magic overnight. Contains saponified Coconut and Olive oils, Comfrey, Lavender and Rosemary. Why it helps: Comfrey contains allantoin, which has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, emollient, astringent and wound-healing.

Item CTAS $7.00
Country Gentleman

A favorite of women for their favorite man! Antifungal and antiseptic, this bar has an old fashioned, “gentlemanly romantic” scent of Vanilla, Patchouli and Bitter almond. It smells so good, sometimes its healing properties can be overlooked. But make no mistake—this delightful bar of soap soothes and cleans, refreshes and helps kill bacteria and fungus. Contains saponified Coconut and Olive oils, Comfrey, Patchouli, Vanilla and Bitter almond.

Item CGS $7.00
Rose Hips and Petals

A splendidly rich soap replete with skin regenerating Vitamin C in the form of natural rose hips and stress relieving Bois de Rose. Jojoba is added to this great moisturizing bar because it helps to maintain the skin’s moisture. Bois de rose, also called “rosewood” helps relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It is good for nervous sleep disorders and tired, tense muscles. An evening bath with this unusual soap (the color of which is derived entirely from rose hips) might be just what you need!

Item RHP $7.00
Insect-B-Gone Bar

Helps keep bugs at bay. Essential for those spending time outdoors especially in the woods or near water. Creamy and gentle for even troubled skin. Can be used in the hair too without drying.

Item IBGS $7.00
Fields of Dreams

Drift away through past centuries to the land of Gilead.
“[Take] a little balm and a little honey…” Genesis 43.11

Because of an ability to interpret dreams, a life was transformed. Rock rose (Cistus incanus) produces a balm, or gum, used medicinally and in perfumery. Perhaps the ancient history of labdanum, with its slightly hypnotic scent, will help you dream dreams and reduce stress as it pampers your skin. This unique flower combination of rock rose, golden sunflower oil which is rich in vitamins A, D and E, as well as essential fatty acids, and calendula will no doubt soothe your skin and your senses.

Joseph (the coat of many colors) was taunted as the “master dreamer” by his jealous brothers [Genesis 37:19]. They sold him away from his father, Jacob, and told him the boy was dead. Taken to Egypt, Joseph was imprisoned. It was there that he gained reputation for correct dream interpretation. When Pharaoh himself had a disturbing dream he sent for Joseph. “It is not me,” Joseph replied, “But God.” His gift of understanding dreams saved Egypt from famine. Soon this “master dreamer” was known as the “wisest man in the country” and elevated to a high position.

When his own people were starving, Joseph’s brothers came begging for food. They did not recognize him. Joseph longed to see his younger brother, Benjamin. He sent them home to retrieve him. Not knowing it was his own son who was making this demand, Jacob feared losing yet another beloved son and, hoping to avoid that, sent gifts to Joseph. One was a treasured plant resin that emits an essential oil (labdanum from the rock rose) still used both medically and in perfumery. [Read the full story Genesis 37-46]

Item FD $7.00

Mr. Spicy Therapy Bar

This old-time, antiseptic, rich lathering shaving soap recipe lifts your beard giving you a smoother, closer shave, something particularly elusive for men with thick beards and helps prevent ingrown hairs. And it reduces incidents of nicks and cuts. It also cleans and “disinfects” your whole body thoroughly! The Cinnamon in this great smelling, dark, masculine bar is one of the natural antibacterial agents. Contains saponified Coconut and Olive oils along with powdered herbs like Cinnamon and Cloves and essential oils.

MST $7.00
Myrrh & Frankincense Therapy Bar – Top-5 Therapy Bar

A specialty one-of-a-kind bar formerly available only at Christmas, is now available year-round. Made with essential oils and thick healing resins of Myrrh and Frankincense trees. This customer favorite has an exotic scent and unbeatable lather. It cleans, refreshes, and soothes many skin problems and in general treats skin luxuriously.

Delivery Sept. through November 15.

Item GMFS $8.00
Napoleon's Amazing Antifungal Bar

Yes, Napoleon had a favorite soap; it was called Brown Windsor.
The ingredients in his favorite soap included herbs that heal rashes and fungal infections men are particularly susceptible to like athlete's foot and jock itch.

A strong manly scent. Controls teenage body odor.

Item NCS $7.00

Scripture Soap

A hobby of mine is collecting and learning about plants mentioned in the Bible. One morning while researching soap recipes, I realized how many of the plant oils I used are mentioned in Scripture. Each of the Scriptures is named on the label of the soap. It is up to you to determine what the ingredients are! Also included is a card with the words from those Scriptures. This unique cleansing bar makes a wonderful gift for a Christian friend or teacher.

Item SS $8.00
Tea Tree Shampoo & Body Bar

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal; more efficient at healing than liquid shampoos. An exceptional blend of plant oils with a large percentage of tea tree oil to wash away skin and scalp fungal problems.

TTSB $7.00
Ultimate Antioxidant Therapy Bar

Men and women concerned about what environmental toxins are doing to their skin will appreciate this deep cleansing, moisturizing therapy bar, with humectant oils! With Green tea, Soy, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba, Evening primrose, Rosehip seed, Rosewood, Basil and Ylang-ylang oils, as well as honey and home grown Aloe, there is no facial bar like it. Lightly scented with essential oils that calm, harmonize and relax

Item UAS $8.00
Virginia Mountain Mint

There's nothing like the fresh scent of the Virginia mountains in spring when the mint first springs up from the damp, musty ground. This soap is healing to the senses and the skin, makes a wonderful gift and is appreciated by those who like its extra "WOW" awakening power in the morning!

Item VMS $7.00
Wild Honey Therapy Bar - Top-5 Therapy Bar

Honey is recognized deservedly for its skin-healing and humectant properties and is now included in many skin care products. Its excellent healing and antibacterial qualities are increased in this soap with Patchouli, meaning this soap works well on acne. Contains saponified Coconut and Olive oils, Patchouli and Honey. Why it helps: Honey is antibacterial; Patchouli is antibacterial and astringent.

Item WHS $7.00
White Lavender Bar

This creamy white soap is truly a breath of fresh air. Lavender has long been used to soothe acne and other skin conditions, but when you use this natural lavender bar filled with antioxidant olive and coconut oils and enriched with rich, food grade, natural cocoa butter, healing will be far from your mind. Relaxing and stress reducing.

Item WLS $7.00
Herbal Green Tea Soap.

Infused with all the “greenness” of great skin-replenishing herbs plus antioxidant grapeseed oil. Renew your skin with vitamins C and E from herbs that grow readily in my Virginia garden. Naturally antioxidant, the herbs in this bar provide benefits to the skin that can help repair damage caused by the environment, making you feel fresh and clean. Spearmint, rosemary and thyme add antibacterial qualities.

HGTS $7.00.