Sinus & Nasal Issues

Pain Away Oil

This all-plant and herb recipe replicates by percentage each oil in a Chinese pain relief product popular with martial arts studios [Kwan Loong]

BUT WE USE THE PLANTS rather than their chemical "cousins." Pain Away is excellent for relief of joint and muscle strain as well as stiffness due to arthritis and rheumatism.

It will help clear sinuses and relieve tension headaches.

Rubbed on neck near Eustachian tubes it can relieve pain and clear them.

Should not be used by those who are pregnant or who cannot take or tolerate aspirin or aspirin products (see Medicated Massage Oil instead).


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Pain Away Salve

Same great ingredients as above as an easy to apply salve in a 2-ounce tin. (Must be kept cool.)

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Medicated Massage Oil

Especially helpful for those with fibromyalgia or other constant achiness.

Based on an ancient Chinese recipe to help those who regularly do strenuous exercise, this oil is warming and soothing for joint and general muscle pain.

Wonderful for sore, tired feet. You will find it comforting, uplifting and healing.

Generally safe for those who are aspirin sensitive or on medications that preclude them using aspirin products.

Includes pain relieving essential oils in penetrating grape seed oil.

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Amazing Therapeutic Massage Oil Topical Herbal Tonic

Bois de Rose

Can provide an unusual blend of emotional and physical healing. For help in relieving anxiety, stress and depression; nervous sleep disorders; tired, tense muscles; and menstrual cramps. Helps awaken the imagination too!

The essential oil of Rosewood (a member of the laurel family) has a calming and harmonizing effect on the mood and body. It is soothing, antibacterial and is believed to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac. Experience tells me as well as some of my customers that it helps relieve restless legs.

Made originally to help one of my granddaughters with her menstrual cramps, a few drops gently massaged on the lower body (front and back) helps relax cramped muscles and possibly ease the flow of menstrual blood.

Helpful in relieving tired, tense muscles and to help with nervous sleep disorders.

Personal note from Sondra

After a very long, hot day at a craft show I developed cramps in both legs. I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep, but due to the cramping, I couldn’t. I had to stand up to get any relief. Then I saw my bottle of Rosewood Massage Oil nearby. I massaged it all over my calves.The cramps never returned and the aromatherapeutic value of the oil gave me a restful night’s sleep.

Packaged in a, cobalt-blue bottle to protect the precious contents.

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Deep Muscle Massage Bar

Magic, melting massage oils in solid form

When a deep, therapeutic massage is needed, this melt-on-your-skin massage bar is better than any massage oil. A blend of natural cocoa butter, pure beeswax and olive oil can help strained muscles and sprains heal. When applied with gentle pressure the warmth of the skin slowly melts the massage bar, leaving behind the natural plant oils which soften skin and provide moisture for continuing the massage without the bar.

Also wonderful simply as a means to moisturizing dry skin. Easy to use for the elderly, infirm and/or those with arthritic fingers.

DMM $8.00
Sinus Aid
Natural relief for nasal stuffiness, pain and pressure. A simple recipe of herbal oils known to unclog sinuses, added to antioxidant olive oil to make them kinder to delicate nasal skin. Application with tissue or cotton swab provides almost immediate relief.

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