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Little Books

The New
Herbal Healing,
Outside and In
In this revised and completely rewritten full-color book, Sondra Johnson takes an honest look at the medical uses of well-researched plants, offers tips for overcoming skin issues and recipes to make from the herbs in your own garden. Includes more than twenty full-color photos of the authors herbs and gardens, and 8 pages of names and descriptions of chemicals to avoid.
Here are some things covered in this 80-page book: Herbalism vs. Junk Herbalism, Plants and Overall Health, The Medical Community Spin, Our Bodies, Inside and out, Environment and Skin, Drug Independence, and Physiological Issues and Healthy Skin. You will go time and again to the section of chemical ingredients to find out what you can easily avoid using, as well as to the easy to understand and make herbal recipes.

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Item # PS $ 12.00

The government tells us to prepare with batteries,

 water, food and medicine for emergencies like hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc. But what about over-the-counter medicine?

 A truckers strike or a shutdown in China, our largest supplier of many over-the-counter remedies could mean the local pharmacy section of your favorite store might not have what you need and want.

 How often do you stock up on items like pain relievers, antacids, eye or nose drops, laxatives, cough suppressants, mouthwash, etc.?

Wouldnt you feel more confident if you could make these items from plants you grow in your own garden or in pots near the door?
The Little Book of Teas, Tonics & Tinctures
was created for the novice to help learn what to plant, how to plant it and how to turn it into useful medicine! Chances are you have some of those plants dried and perhaps powdered in your spice cabinet right now sage, thyme and rosemary for example. I wrote this 20-page booklet for workshop attendees.

 Now you can order it here and begin learning the why, how and what of some really good natural remedies.
The Little Book of Teas, Tonics & Tinctures
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