Insect Problems

Insect-Be-Gone Oil/Salve

 Deter flying insects with natural plant oils that discourage,
repel and confuse pesky insects. Oil
Item IBGO $8.00

This all-plant product works well to repel a number of flying and crawling insects. In tests, Lemon Eucalyptus out-performed all other plant-based insect repellants and performed as well as low doses of DEET. Insect-b-Gone Oil and Salve repel, confuse and deter a variety of insects. For flying insects like gnats, just a small amount applied on pulse points or to the hair repels well. For infested areas, mosquitoes, ticks, and redbugs, etc., a light coating of the skin may be necessary. Be sure to indicate OIL or SALVE.

 IBGS $8.00
Insect-B-Gone Bar  

Helps keep bugs at bay. Essential for those spending time outdoors especially in the woods or near water. Creamy and gentle for even troubled skin. Can be used in the hair too without drying.

 Item IBGB$7.00
Herbal Green Tea Soap

Infused with all the “greenness” of great skin-replenishing herbs plus antioxidant grapeseed oil. Renew your skin with vitamins C and E from herbs that grow readily in my Virginia garden. Naturally antioxidant, the herbs in this bar provide benefits to the skin that can help repair damage caused by the environment, making you feel fresh and clean. Spearmint, rosemary and thyme add antibacterial qualities.

HGTS $7.00.