Gum and Lip Problems

Gum Powder

Brush your gums and your teeth and mouth will be clean too. Gum Powder has myrrh and cinnamon to help up its antibacterial qualities. Used as a mouthwash and gargle, it helps prevent colds and flu and also alleviates sore throat pain.

$10.00 (quarter pound)
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QuickFix Lip & Body balm
Do you regularly need something for your chapped lips and cold sores? Does the skin around your fingernails crack and split? Do you have dry, flaky patches of skin on your ears, forehead and other areas of the body? The ingredients in QuickFix Lip & Body Balm can change all that. Note, though, if you have continuing bouts of chapped lips the problem could be cheilosis (pronounced "ky low sis"), a condition in which the lips redden and fissures or lesions occur at the corners of the mouth. Cheilosis is generally caused by a deficiency of the B vitamins, especially riboflavin.

Help relieve this condition by adding foods high in B vitamins. Also, ask your doctor if you might benefit from a vitamin supplement. To combat symptoms of dry lips, perpetual chapped lips and cheilosis as well as cold sores, use QuickFix. QuickFix is made from freshly infused comfrey leaf oil, carrot seed oil (beta carotene) and rose hip seed oil (a natural form of Vitamin C), natural, unbleached beeswax, shea butter, wheat germ oil (natural E, A and D) and essential oils, which means it not only provides a protective coating, it begins the healing process (science today tells us that the comfrey plant has the ability to regenerate cell growth, kill bacteria, stop itching and soften skin). Don't keep covering up the problem or making it worse with petroleum products! Available in two tin sizes as well as a handy tube.