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Authorís edition;
 signed and dated, including photographs of
 characters from the story:
 Tricia with her calves, Lint and Flint,
as well as the author with her milk cow
 and a special note from the author.

Diary in the Attic By Sondra B. Johnson;
 illustrated by Larry W. Johnson

Also available (without extras listed above) at,
Barnes and, Diary in the attic
Sondraís third novel is set in beautiful Loudoun & Frederick Counties (Virginia) with many familiar names and places.
In fact, if you lived here in the 1980s, you might find yourself within these pages!
About the author:
 Sondra Johnson lives and writes in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia,
the perfect setting for an author whose interests include herbalism, gardening, children, animals and history. In this, her third novel, she writes a story that revolves around Scarlet Oak Farm and her daughter, Tricia, who was a young teenager at the time of the story. Sondra and her husband, Larry, lived on the working farm with their children for more than 25 years.
The places and many of the people and events in the book are real and true.
Synopsis: Tricia hates history class. Yet she lives surrounded by history on a farm that dates from 1738. Her father has researched all the families who previously inhabited the farm, people whose presence Triciaís mother says she can sense. When Tricia faces a dreaded history project, her mother sends her to the attic for books she thinks could help her with her assignment. What Tricia discovers in those books leads her to dream about individuals who occupied her home years before! When she shares the dreams with her best friend, Paula, adventures follow that lead the girls to think Tricia isnít dreaming at all!
 Item DIARY $15.00